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  • Daily Care

    Enzadent® Oral Care

    Improve your pet's dental hygiene with our great-tasting, no-rinse toothpaste and a variety of toothbrush styles.
  • General Health


    Epakitin helps support kidney function in dogs and cats in a flavorful soy protein base.
  • Joint Support

    Flexadin® Plus

    Flexadin Plus is formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health and flexibility in dogs and cats.
  • Daily Care

    Groom-Aid® Spray

    Our fragranced grooming spray makes brushing your pet's coat easy. Deodorizes and adds luster, too.
  • Daily Care

    Hi-Vite™ Drops

    Hi-Vite is a great-tasting vitamin supplement for dogs and cats, young or old. Administer drops directly or mix it with...
  • Daily Care


    Laxatone's gentle lubricant eliminates hairballs in the litter box, preventing a mess on the floor.
  • Daily Care


    Nutri-Cal is a high-calorie supplement for finicky, debilitated, or aging pets that aren't eating enough. Great...
  • Daily Care

    Pill Wrap

    Turn your dog or cat's pill into a moist treat with our flavorful Pill Wrap paste. Makes medication and supplement...
  • General Health


    Pro-Pectalin helps soothe the irritated intestines of dogs and cats and restore the normal balance of intestinal...