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Ask Dr. Brian | Dogs and Joint Health: What is UC-ll?

Have you noticed mobility issues with your dog? Dr. Brian, DVM, says that a dog's own immune system can play a significant role in aggravating normal joint function. Loose bits of collagen released from cartilage in the joint fluid can be recognized as foreign bodies which activate the immune system. Despite the immune system's best intentions, this reaction may cause more harm than good. As the immune system responds by attempting to destroy the collagen, it can create swelling, stiffness and soreness. Continued wear and tear on cartilage can take a toll on normal joint health. UC-II® is undenatured collagen type II, which comes from chicken sternum. And Type II collagen is the most abundant protein in cartilage.

Vetoquinol offers Flexadin® Advanced with UC-II®, a breakthrough formula, backed by clinical studies, supports healthy joints and flexibility in dogs. It contains undenatured type II collagen (UC-II®), a unique approach to joint health that targets the immune system.