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Get Your Veterinarian Involved in Joint Supplement Discussions

Help your veterinarian get the full picture of your pet’s health — and that includes supplements! Here are five tips to discussing supplements with your veterinary provider.

  1. Bring a list of all supplements to your appointment. You can even bring the supplement packages themselves to give practitioners an opportunity to read the label if they aren’t familiar with the specific brand.
  2. Check the product, amount, and delivery. Your veterinarian will help you identify if the product is proven to work, which can help you save money and find the most effective product for your pet. Your veterinarian will confirm the product is compatible with any prescription medications, ensure a safe dose is being administered, and double-check that the supplement is being given according to label directions.
  3. Ensure manufacturers are reputable. Your veterinarian can help you verify the supplements are from reputable manufacturers. You can also check sites like the National Animal Supplement Council to confirm the manufacturer is listed.
  4. Don’t forget the boring stuff. Opening the door for a supplement discussion can include tried-and-true measures for improving joint health such as: weight management, diet, exercise, and prescription products.

Proven products like undenatured type II collagen supplements can support normal joint function. The key is to always check with your veterinarian first!