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Enisyl-F helps support a healthy immune system, respiratory health, and normal eye function. Cats and kittens love the taste! Enisyl offers multiple options to fit even the pickiest cats and is the pioneer of veterinary L-Lysine, trusted by pet owners for over 12 years.

Enisyl-F highlights

  • Available in chews, kibble-sized bites, and a tasty oral paste
  • Can be safely administered with no known side effects for as long as needed
  • It was the first lysine-based nutritional supplement developed for veterinary use



  • For cats only
  • Give 1 chew twice daily or as directed by a veterinarian

Oral paste: 

  • Enisyl-F is palatable and easily accepted by most cats. It can be applied directly in the mouth, on the nose, or on the paw, where it can be licked off.
  • Give 2 pumps (2 mL) twice daily
  • Replace the cap securely on the tip of the dosing pump after use
  • Administration may be adjusted as recommended by your veterinarian


  • For cats only.
  • Give 12 bites twice daily or as directed by your veterinarian


  • Chews: 500 mg of L-lysine monohydrochloride per chew
  • Paste: 250 mg of L-lysine hydrochloride per 1 mL pump
  • Bites: 250 mg of L-lysine monohydrochloride per 6 bites


  • Chews: 75 g (2.7 oz. bag)
  • Paste: 100 mL (3.4 oz.) pump
  • Bites: 180 g (6.4 oz.) bag

Consult your veterinarian before giving your pet Enisyl-F. Follow the recommended administration on the package, unless otherwise instructed by your veterinarian.