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Should I Board My Cat or Hire a Cat Sitter?

Now that you’ve planned your next great adventure, don’t forget to make arrangements for your cat! It’s not recommended to leave your cat home alone and unattended for the duration of your trip. This is stressful for your kitty and can be dangerous, especially if your cat has a medical emergency.

If it’s a monumental battle to get your cat into a carrier, it’s time to find a cat sitter.     

Benefits of hiring a cat sitter:

  • Your cat stays in their own home and avoids the stress of going to the veterinarian’s office or boarding facility
  • Best for cats that love their routine
  • Minimum 2x day interaction with the cat sitter
  • Enrichment – play time with the sitter
  • Cat sitter can care for more than one cat
  • Frequent visits to the home ensure that your cat is safe and healthy

Has your cat been well socialized? If so, your cat may benefit from a boarding facility with cat condos.

Benefits of boarding your cat:

  • In some facilities, your cat stays in a kitty condo with new hiding places
  • Enrichment – If available, consider add-ons for play time with the kennel staff
  • Some boarding only facilities have a veterinarian on staff for emergencies
  • Many facilities use camera systems that allow you to check up on your cat remotely

Not sure which option is best for your cat? Look into both boarding and cat sitters.

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