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How to Find the Right Cat Sitter

Cat sitters are a great alternative to boarding your cat. For anxious and independent cats, a cat sitter helps maintain your cat’s routine and provides you with peace of mind.

What to Expect

  • There are two types of cat sitters: those that stay at your house for the duration of your trip, and those that come check on your cat periodically.
  • Cats shouldn’t be left alone for more than 12 hours at a time. Cat sitters should be expected to come by at least twice a day. If your cat has a specific feeding or medication schedule, the cat sitter may need to check in more frequently.
  • Sitters are responsible for feeding your cat, changing their water and cleaning out the litter box. If your cat is social, the sitter will also play with your cat.

Picking a Sitter

  • Ask your sitter about their experience with cat sitting and get references from other cat owners. A good cat sitter will be knowledgeable, trustworthy and observant.
  • Discuss your expectations with the sitter and find out what services they provide.
  • Once you pick out the right sitter, put together a list of instructions. Be sure to include feeding times, info about any medications and contact information for your veterinarian. Don’t forget to tell the sitter about your cat’s favorite toys and games!
  • Make sure you call your veterinarian and let them know your cat sitter is responsible for your cat while you’re out of town. This ensures that your cat will get any necessary treatment if there is a medical emergency when you’re away.